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Frequently Asked Questions

Kelpie Training is an approved UKRS training provider. 
All of our courses meet the standards set out by UKRS.

The main aims of first aid are outlined by the 3 Ps:

  • Preserve Life – administering the correct first aid to save a casualty’s life.
  • Prevent the condition from worsening – providing the correct treatment for the underlying cause of injury or illness.
  • Promote Recovery – Giving ongoing treatment until definitive care can be reached.

Some of the benefits include:

  • First aid can save lives
  • Employers can meet HSE guidance
  • Employees feel safer at work
  • Employees become more safety aware
  • Reduced injury recovery time

All accredited first aid courses are valid for 3 years.
Despite this, we recommend that they are retaken every year to refresh your knowledge.

Paediatric first aid is only applicable to infants and children.
Where an infant is defined as a person within the age range of 0-1 and a child from 1 until the onset of puberty.

Emergency paediatric first aid, paediatric first aid and anaphylaxis & EpiPen training all cover these topics.

The Classroom elements of all courses will involve some hands on work. Please wear comfortable clothes such a jeans and t shirt.